Terms and conditions


Cancellations and Postponements: Sessions can be cancelled or re-scheduled without penalty up to four (4) days before the session. Please notify STUDIO 731 of any changes via email. A penalty of 50% of the time booked will be charged for sessions canceled or re-scheduled with between three (3) and four (4) days’ notice. Sessions cancelled or re-scheduled with two (2) or less days’ notice will be charged for 100% of the time booked.

Behaviour: STUDIO 731 is a safe, positive and inclusive space. STUDIO 731 reserves the right to evict and/or ban anyone from its premises that is considered a threat to that environment.


Currency: All pricing is in AUD.

Payments: Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard , PayPal or American Express.

All recordings and masters will remain the property of the COMPANY until receipt of final payment.

Payment options:

Packages can be paid either upfront or 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. All other services must be paid 100% in full before work can commence.

Overtime Fee: All sessions must end by the stated booked time, sessions that run over their allotted time may be subject to a fee of $5 per minute overtime.

Refunds: If there is a technical issue with any product supplied please get in touch with our team to resolve this issue within 30 days, possible resolutions may include studio credit or refunds. This is the only circumstance in which a refund may be given.

Credit: All purchases included but not limited to: gift certificates, recording credit, packages and prepaid session time; that have not commenced within 12 months from date of purchase may be subject to expiry.


Formats: All Mixes/Masters will be delivered as 16bit 44.1kHz WAV files unless previously arranged otherwise.

Downloads: Mixes/Masters/Stems are sent via a cloud service, they will be held there for 7 days. Recordings may be kept in our archives for future use however it is not the company's responsibility to hold recordings after a project has been completed.

Revisions: All Mixes include 3 unattended revisions and all Masters include 1 unattended revision. Further revisions both attended and unattended are billed at our hourly rate in 30 minute increments.

Please note:

Revisions do not cover the inclusion of any additional parts added after completion of the first Mix/Master. Eg: If mixing and mastering have been completed and you wish to add an element to the track then both mixing and mastering will be charged again in full. If after mastering you require a mix revision then mastering will need to be paid for again in full.

Please talk to your engineer if you do not fully understand these terms completely.

Signing Off on Mixes Prior to Mastering: Once a mix has been signed off as “ready for mastering” taking it back to any previous stages of the production process may incur additional fees.

Additional Bounces: All bounces excluding final mixes, final masters and revisions are considered “Additional Bounces” each Additional bounce is purchasable at $35 each.

Stems & Pro Tools Sessions: Our “Stem Service” is available to you at anytime and charged at our standard hourly rate. Please allocate sufficient time for rendering to take place and note that we do not provide Pro Tools Sessions.

UPDATED 7/09/2021