STUDIO 731 is a modern, high-end recording studio, designed around the creative process.

Offering services in recording, mixing, mastering, production, and everything else.

More than just a recording studio

Why is it that people sing best in the shower? Because it’s where they are most comfortable!

It’s our mission here to make you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. Warm ambient light, an aesthetically engaging environment and engineers that actually care about you!

We are personable, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. Ask us anything!



Top engineers working with the best equipment available. Book now and see why everyone is raving about Studio Truth!

Hourly $50


Want your recording to sound the best that it can? Book now to find the right engineer for your project!

Starting $150


Mastering gives your music that professional polish and punch! Book now and upload your files in minutes!

Starting $50

* Hourly rates from $50.00 per hour excluding GST

Mixing and mastering prices displayed are unattended options. Attended mixing and mastering is available at an additional cost.

Working on something special?

Your journey is unique to you, and you are unique to us!

We are invested in your art, which is why we are the only studio offering unlimited session booking packages.

No more anxiety watching the clock, so you can comfortably create!

From pre-production to the final mix. Just select your desired producer, pick a time and start recording!


Starting $500

Give people something to listen to!

A 5 track EP is the perfect way to show range and convey a story.


Starting $2,000

Ready to make your masterpiece?

Work with our experienced engineers to create the 8 track album of your dreams.


Starting $5,000


Unlimited studio time? Really?

Yes! Our production packages include unlimited studio time at the discretion of your engineer.

Our philosophy is simple, we've seen over the years what watching the clock does to musicians and producers alike.

Creativity is inhibited, moods can turn sour, and productivity can stop, or worse, start moving in the wrong direction!

What do I need to bring?

Instruments of a world class standard are provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Otherwise, the consumables of the music industry: a fresh set of strings, skins, sticks, picks, etc.

Along with a good attitude, well rested body and open mind!

What payment options do you offer?

We accept Cash, Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Payments can be made either in full or 50% deposit and 50% upon completion

Please note that files will not be given out until the account has been settled.


Sachintha Contacted Studio 731 directly, to get his mashup cover done according to one of his ideas.He came up with a few song suggestions & finalised one by selecting two songs after having friendly discussion with Us.

Few days later we were able to finalize his song and he was really happy about the audio outcome.

Then, He wanted us to film the video too.. We worked for his mashup cover - video really well and he satisfied with the whole production came out nicely as we worked for a proper plan.

We wish him GOOD LUCK on his Music Journey..

Thank You For Choosing Us!

Dilini, After completing her Visharada of music , it was her very first session recorded a song at a studio and we are proudly say that it was us 731 chosen by her to get her work done.Glad we were able to keep her trust in the same way by finalising both audio and video productions for Dilini successfully at studio 731.

We wish her GOOD LUCK on her Music Journey..

Thank You For Choosing Us!

It is always our pleasure to make you a pleasant and the perfect environment to pursue your childhood singing dreams. Ranusha “Born with singing telents” travelled miles, from Dandenong to Melton. We hope we made it worth your time by completing many successful projects with both audio & video productions .

We are really proud to work with someone like you!

We wish him GOOD LUCK on his Music Journey..

Thank You For Choosing Us!

NOTE: These samples were Mixed and Mastered to the client's specific tastes and liking. The samples are not how every project will sound, If you hear something you don't like, just remember you have complete direction of how every aspect of your projects sound.

* The files uploaded in the player may have been compressed and had their volumes adjusted by the streaming service which may show clipping when listening on high-end devices. Please be assured that the files you receive from STUDIO 731 will have absolutely NO clipping or artifacts. We take pride in delivering the best audio quality.